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Create Hidden Bookmarks

It is possible to protect bookmarks with a password using Link Lock, but a link that needs a password may appear suspicious to someone else seeing it. Hidden bookmarks solve this problem.

Hidden bookmarks are disguised to be identical to normal bookmarks, with one exception: clicking them in the right order will open a hidden link. To open the hidden link, click the disguised bookmark first, and then click the decrypt bookmark next. The same decrypt bookmark works for all disguised bookmarks.

Read more about how hidden bookmarks work here.

Here is how to create hidden bookmarks:

  1. Add a password to the hidden link if you have not done so already.
  2. Drag the "decrypt" bookmark below to your bookmarks bar.


  3. It may be a good idea to rename the decrypt bookmark to "Gmail" by right clicking, and either clicking "Edit" or "Properties."
  4. Fill in the hidden URL below (if it is not already filled in). Then, fill in the disguised bookmark name and link.
  5. Press the button to create the bookmark. Once created, drag the disguised bookmark to your bookmarks bar.


No Disguised Bookmark Created Yet

Drag the disguised bookmark above to the bookmarks bar.

To access the hidden link, click the disguised bookmark, then the decrypt bookmark (which may have been renamed to "Gmail").